Layered Bowl


Just playing around with a design idea.

The future is here. Tractor beams?!

Very nice! :grinning:


I’ve seen bowls like that in gift shops.


Great job! I’ve been threatening to do something similar for months! :slight_smile:


I dig it!
(Although for some reason that first image was strangely disorienting… I thought it was a cut-away at first!)


I agree! It was difficult to photograph to show you guys!


Why doesn’t the top circle (outermost) have those notches cut in the laser bed image?


Very Nice! :sunglasses:




Love this type of item … Reminds me of some work from one of my dearest uncles.


That bowl support is brilliant!


It looks like a different iteration, the bed shows draft board, but the finished piece looks to be alternate rings of walnut and cherry…?


Oops! That was from my prototype, you can see where I decided to make some design changes. I forgot to take a pic of the final print bed.


Better that way because it shows the wisdom of doing a draft of the design before committing it to more expensive material.
Nice piece of design work BTW!