Layered Paris Ring


Hi there,

Due to the success of the ring, here is another City/Country made !

Let me know which one would you like to see next!



Those would make great defense rings too. :wink:


If is to defend, why not!? :blush:


I love these! Any chance of seeing what they look like from a top view…where you really can’t tell what they are until you turn them sideways? These are so much fun!



Just too clever!


Are those hand painted? What did you use to color them? Great job. :+1:


Just adorable!


Wonderful! I could see a whole series of them. Like Cairo (pyramids etc), Seattle (Space Needle), etc.


Hi, yes, I used Stabilo’s Fineliner to paint it and the white colour I’ve used a white pen from IKEA!



Working on it !

Will definitely make a “series” of it!



Thanks! :blush:


Perfect! Thank you so much. They’re wonderful.