Layered prints from a Silhouette Studio 3 drawing

A friend has done a multi-layer print on her Silhouette machine. She has asked me to cut the various layers in 3 mm ply to increase the 3D effect. So far converting to Studio 3 files for use in the GF has resulted in images that can only be engraved and not cut. We could use any and all suggestions.


Hard to tell without looking at one. A vector file can be engraved or cut, If you have raster file you will need inscape or similar to make vectors from it.

Only the Designer Edition of Sil Studio will make svg files.

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I found this online, hope it helps



I am unable to upload the Studio 3 version so here is my attempt to convert a jpg version in Inkscape
Thanx again

You need a vector version, If you save a jpg you can drop it here as a jpg but while it would be easier to see it would not be vectors. You could try an SVG export from Silhouette but if it does not go as vectors you are no better off.

Once it is a jpg you can put into Inkscape and make your cut outline.

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