Layered Skoolie Adventure Art

A few years ago I converted a short bus into an RV and have used it to see the country. When I discovered layered artwork I knew I had to make something bus-related, so here is my first major design. I traced an outline of my bus and then added svg’s I bought online to create the layers.


Oh that’s lovely! The legs on the moose are so delicate!

Got any pictures of your skoolie? :smiley:

yeah, I’ve thought about adding support behind the moose just for extra security, but it seems solid enough.

This was in Crater Lake NP in 2019, part of a 5 week road trip.


I like it, but you may have to commit to telling people what it represents moving forward. One solution is to put a bus side profile into the image, maybe behind the hikers (they got there somehow, right?). Might be enough of a clue and people like that ‘oh wow’ moment when figuring things out.

Regardless, very vague bus profile. Show it to a few people and see if they can make the leap from you to bus to project.
Just for giggles I tried a side view vs your image.

The above is my first blush opinion and is worth 0.00001 cents per word…
I am liking these layered plaques that have become popular.
Thanks for sharing the project results.

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Hahaha—love the Hitchhiker’s Guide reference in your bus name.


Having lived in the 1956 Tombstone-Ft Huachuca school bus for many years I recognized it right away. Mine was 40’ long and the driver 6’ in front of the front wheels and the engine in back. I would have done better with something like yours, :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice work! Nice Ride!

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