Layers merging

For some reason, my layers seem to keep merging. I am trying to create separate layers for each dot in the attached file. Each black dot is in it’s own layer and there are 2 dots in each of those layers. I need each and every dot to be separate and selectable but no matter what I try, I get a layer for the big dot and another layer for the small dot.

Can anyone offer any advice on what’s going on with this?



You need to say which software you’re using, I suspect it will matter.

Sorry. Using Illustrator.

Make each dot a different color. Layers aren’t applicable in the Glowforge interface. Colors are.

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Also colors will help you see that each of those dots is actually 2 dots on top of each other. It’s almost impossible to tell at first, they are so dark.

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Thanks guys. I thought it was the layer color that determined everything. Different layer color meant different selection. This makes more sense. Thanks for clarifying this for me.


It blew my mind at first that Illustrator layers didn’t matter.

Let me pencil in your next uncomfortable realization for the day after tomorrow, when you try to grab and move an object that is surrounded by another object and find it is impossible. :slight_smile:

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Tell me about it. Layers are good but a pain at the same time.

Or when your fan starts to make a lot of noise out of nowhere.

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