Layers of the Earth Puzzle

Something new for our homeschool, we did Layers of the Earth recently and I made this custom puzzle. It’s all built on concentric circles and the hardest part of designing it was probably doing the math to make sure the layers were scaled appropriately.

The left side layer pieces are the simple compositional layers: core, mantle, crust. The crust was too thin, so I left it attached to the main puzzle and just peeking out from under the top layer. The right side layer pieces are the mechanical layers which are broken down a bit more based on how they move. Used Hershey text script in Illustrator to put the layer labels on the puzzle back, I love scoring text like that, it looks so clean and precise.

I “painted” everything by coloring in with watercolor colored pencils and then using q-tips and isopropyl alcohol to blend everything together. Painting is not my strong suit, but I can color with the best of them :slight_smile:


This is wonderful - very well done! Reminds me of my Montessori school days 50 years ago. We had similar learning tools.


Colorful! I think it’s great!

I told my daughter-in-law that I’m getting a new education while doing virtual learning with our 6-year-old grandson. They use terminology we simply weren’t taught … and in first grade. It’s kind of cool. Kids are such sponges.


Thank you! Yes, we follow Montessori as much as we can at home, I absolutely love the method.

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Yes, I’m having to learn a lot as well and it’s fascinating to observe how fast kids pick things up! I was discussing geometry with my 7 year old and even the 3 year old picked up some of the terminology, she started talking about trapezoids, haha!


Yes, it’s crazy! Same with the 3-year-old here. Of course, shows like Team Umizoomi help with shapes also.

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That looks great. Fantastic job.

Once past the point of it being useful at home, it could probably be donated to a local school and keep on teaching. Teachers are always looking for hands on teaching tools.

Came out great.


Outstanding educating tool! I like your coloring, too.