Lazy Susan Tool Caddy

Normally a Lazy Susan is placed in the kitchen. I took mine and it is used as a tool caddy. I made a little video so you can see how I use it.

Hopefully another member will find this Lazy Susan beneficial in their life

Oxo Good Grips 16 inch Lazy Susan.


Looks handy! Great idea!


The video is SO deceiving the Lazy Susan is HUGE!!! It is their 16 version.

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Yeah, with that much cargo I can believe it! (I’ve got a smaller one that lives in the fridge to keep the ketchup from hiding behind the mustard.) :smile:


Oh hey, you know what? With a few ball bearings you could probably make one of your own on your Glowforge, in any size you want.


This is my my three-tiered Target table. It is very well-made and very sturdy. 32 inches in height the boxes are 15 1/2 inches x 12 x 3 1/2 in depth.

They were only $20! They have these caster wheels. I took pictures of all three sides so you can see all the junk I have in mine.


Yep…that looks like a lot of crafter tools! :smile:

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That holds a lot of stuff! :hammer_and_wrench:


Indeed it is a constant battle to keep everything organized.

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And the scary part is, when you need something in that pile, you go right to where it is.
Been there - doing that.

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