Le Sigh



So to update, I should have gotten the replacement today…but UPS decided they couldn’t read the delivery address…


Ooooh! :persevere:


sadly(not sadly) I"m still a month away from being able to use this one:



and the saga of UPS sucking continues.

Catch the UPS driver with an Amazon package today. Ask him about another package. Supposed to have a 80lb box for me.
Oh, that’s probably the one that’s all torn up and probably damaged one. It’s not on the truck. You’ll have to call and find out what’s going on with it. I think they might be sending it back or something.



Wow, that sucks. :cry: Sorry to hear it, but hopefully he’s mistaken and it’s on another truck.


Just got the call from the UPS hub and they said they don’t know why the damage wasn’t recorded yesterday after they had to fix the an illegible shipping label. So apparently, Glowforge will be given a damage report tonight/tomorrow and then as the lady said “ship you a replacement”…

From the condition of things I’ve seen UPS actually deliver…it’s gotta be bad if this is true. Maybe someone can talk UPS into a free Red upgrade? @dan hmmm? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh man…not again. :neutral_face:


I’m curious – if you wouldn’t mind sharing – what part of the country so you live in? You know, so I can avoid shipping anything through those hubs at all costs.


I’m being served out of the Lawnside, NJ hub. East southeast side of state near Camden.


Sorry, I should have been more specific… Is there a series of hubs on the UPS tracking? Or it just came direct?


Guessing everyone uses Sunnyvale as that’s probably flex’s hub. 5th
San Pablo 6th
Secaucus 11th
Lawnside 11th late night.
then it sat damage with a bad label that got fixed 12th
still sitting around damaged today. 13th


Ugh. I’m so sorry!

We don’t contract with UPS - Flex does - so I don’t think there’s anything we can do.


Ugh, so sorry to hear this :frowning:


Just thought that since you’re there every Monday checking the Hotmail account on your Blackberry you could hook me up.



New date for #3, Next Friday.

Ground cross-country takes forever.


Uhm…apparently flex didn’t like the one they were sending me and requested a return to sender…!!!


Awwwww, you just can’t get any sort of luck. Better not buy a lottery ticket.


Fourth tracking number received, it’ll probably get picked up tomorrow and maybe arrive next Friday.


Now they’re just messin’ with ya! :neutral_face:


“Okay. Thursday this time. For realsies. No kidding!!”

At least I’m gone 16 hours a day so there isn’t much time to miss not having it…but was kinda hoping to have had it when the first one showed up, or they broke the third one, or today when the recalled one would have shown up…before the wife’s birthday, not the day after. At least I scheduled flowers 2 weeks ago. Trying to win back someone estranged is hard.