Learning more about engraving

It seems my Glowforge does Milton.

I like parts of these, but other parts not so much. But it was a test and I learned new things to try next time.

Oddly, the proof grade cut lines didn’t cut all the way through. Not sure why. Had to force it with a knife.


Ahhh, a lost paradise! (Nice engravings!) :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice engravings. I have the same problem with PG not cutting all the way through. I keep my orbital sander ready in the garage to sand the back side to the cut line. I forgot who put this in the forum before but I use this method when needed.

Very nice! Can’t wait to start my experimentation.

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I been running into the same type of problems … I am sure it something I am doing or missing…

on the dragons top / 1st one is a SD engrave comes out fine but no cut line or option
2nd one is a AI trace of the 1st one , I get a box around it but only did a score as it would cut out parts of the dragon …

2nd one I redid the process as the 2 above on top of each other and then used AI to draw a box around the image

Now the problem I had was the box I drew around the image some how also added the trace lines so it started cutting out the pieces after the score (ie the neck piece) I wanted those untouched and left on the image. 3 layers in PDF to work on the project 1st sd engrave, 2 layer is the score (traced from AI), 3rd should just be a box to cut through draf board but the box pulled the same lines as the score and I had to abort the process so I wouldnt have a cut out image and since I had already scored the lines there were more flare ups as it cut – yes added a nice effect but also removed parts I did not want remove.

Next try will put the box 1st then lay the 2 images to see if it comes out better/ the way I want it to.

I am sure @Jules could give me tips to fix the issue as well – the bounding / cut box I make also tend to come in a filled square and I am sure thats why peoples who load svg look all back



This might be easier … :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Create a new Illustrator file.
  2. Drag the jpeg you want to Engrave onto the file and drop it.
  3. Embed the jpeg. ( button on the top row when it’s selected)
  4. Drag out an unfilled rectangle around the jpeg. Give it a stroke color.
  5. Save the File as an SVG. Make sure you select the Embed Images radial dial when you save it. (Use the settings from the tutorial here: How to Save an SVG file )

Then you will need to drag and drop the SVG file onto the Dashboard in order to avoid that black filled box thing at the moment…they’re trying to find it and squish it. :wink:

Then you can use the SD engrave settings on the engrave…it does look best for that kind of image.