Learning things with Gkid

Thanks to my granddaughter’s insatiable curiosity, I now know that the chemical name of the protein titin contains 189,819 characters and takes an hour to pronounce.

If you want to see it spelled out, some poor soul spent a large portion of their lifespan typing it out here:



I have a headache just looking at that.

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Try putting that in the next spelling bee!

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Interestingly, right in the middle there’s a naughty word.

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You stared at it longer than I did, apparently! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What, you still haven’t found it?

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I love stuff like this!

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I don’t want to go crosseyed looking, so I’ll just take your word for it. :wink:

I copied and pasted it into an MS Word document and the spell-checker shot himself.


thought about lasering it out as a wall-art gift for a chemist friend… but at 11pt Helvetica it is still 41 pages long in my word-processor.


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