Leather 6-Pack Holder Caddie

That sounds great! Would love to see a photo of your 6-pack holder when finished.

I found a drawing (not Blueprint, but fine for my purpose) of his boat. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Very cool!

Nice project and nice video! So many tools I don’t have yet!

Now that you’ve teamed up with Glowforge, I guess the engraver settings will be in the information section of your safe-to-engrave products? :wink: fingers-crossed


What an excellent caddie! Thank you so much for sharing your file. I look forward to exploring your site, and watching the video!


Howdy Glowforge friends! We thought we’d share another variation of this pattern using some beautiful veg tan harness leather.


This is so cool! What settings did you use to cut through this leather? I am struggling to get through the thicker leather. Thanks so much for the file and the video. Very mesmerizing and soothing!

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Welcome to the forum.

We can only discuss settings for non Proofgrade materials in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum. A search in the forum for leather settings may yield some useful information.

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Sorry, thank you. I forgot :). I’ll go check there.

Thank you! Welcome to the community! Appreciate the feedback. We used the proofgrade setting for thick leather and ran it a couple times. Sometimes if the laser doesn’t cut all the way thru the leather we’ll use an x-acto blade to finish the job.

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Thanks for the photos. I’m in the process of cutting my parts now. I am going with the yacht engrave mentioned in an earlier reply, with bronze(ish) rivets. I haven’t decided upon feet, yet. I’m also wavering between a natural finish vs. using a brown dye, similar to the one you’ve used.

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Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing your version

Holy cow! This is awesome!

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I consider this to be a “successful learning experience!” Far from perfect, but only my second leather project (the first was the Glowforge passport holder from last fall, where I learned the saddle stitch).

I experienced an “order of operations error” where I cut out my smaller parts before the larger, and that meant the I did not have enough continuous leather to make the center vertical partition/handle support. I had to piece it together. I also didn’t have sufficiently long rivets to span three layers of leather, so I had to substitute pop-rivets for two of these. I’m going to apply some leather conditioner and call it a gift.

BTW, HOZHO7 is the actual name of the yacht that I engraved. The deck plans did not engrave too well, because the actual line detail was too fine for a clear result.


Looks great! Way to be inventive with the splitting the center partition into two pieces. Didn’t notice it till reading the description. Thanks for sharing images of your project!