Leather and wood business cards

I have been talking with my local tack shop in town and they seem interested in my laser cutting services so i decided to make them a custom bushiness card in hopes they think of me when they need something.

Started out with a wooden card by engraving 2 pieces of veneer and sticking them together.
I engraved a cabin/ settler scene to fit with the theme of the store.

This is some paper backed preglued white birch veneer i had laying around.
I attempted to design a business card but don’t really know much about making things pretty. I included a qr code with info about what materials i can use as well as my personal info so people can scan it if they wish and add me to their contacts easily.

Found some leather scrap and thought what would be better for a tack shop than a leather business card or to incorporate it in there somehow.
Took some fine adjustment but wound up with this.

Was a really fine line between scorching the leather and and getting a nice gradient ended up with settings of 1000 speed,7 pews, 22 LPI, convert to dots, pattern density set at 0-100% and no masking material. in hindsight i would add a but more power as i lost some of the fine details. I coated the fronts and backs with some butcher block oil and finish after a little bit of sanding with some 400 grit paper to give it a nice smooth feel in the hand.

I hope they find it interesting and decide to call on me. If they do it might be a good idea to make tailored back panels for specific businesses in town as well as a generic design that could show off what I can do with the :glowforge:

Thanks for your time have a great day. :beers:


They both look great! Best of luck getting the work.


Nicely done!


Nice! Great job getting the gradient & detail on the leather!

There is wood veneer cardstock available that is paper backed, and may be easier (or less $) to work with. [https://www.cardstock-warehouse.com/products/cherry-wood-veneer-cardstock]

Did you also etch the flesh side of the leather to add the text? How did that come out? Likely they won’t want to pay the $ per card you’d need to charge to make doing leather cards a regular thing, but would be really cool to incorporate the leather or a card holder/sign for them!


Looks great. I am sure it will generate interest and business.

Thx @cynd11 hope it comes to something as well.

Thx @jeanneleigh

Thx @dklgood i hope it will also

Thank you for the kind words and for the link @bansai8creations i will check that out in the future i have it bookmarked. The stuff i got was actually white birch here is the link Richelieu Sereni-T Veneer Sheet - White Birch - Iron-On - 8-ft L x 12-in W 031296EGS | RONA Its really nice stuff comes in a roll and is super flexible in one direction depending on the wood grain.

For the all wood card i offset the layers 90° so they would be stiff otherwise you can wrap this veneer around a pencil. I did not try and etch the flesh side because i wasn’t sure i could get the detail in the qr code it was already having some trouble getting the code to read on the wood and it was a pretty smooth surface.

I wasn’t really trying to sell those guys business cards unless they want them i guess but my main interest was the guy in the back who is working on saddles and stuff like that every day. he was curious about developing patterns to help him out with cutting some of the more frustrating things.

I also cut out the free Mandala - #64 by primal_healer pattern in leather as well, im willing to bet he will get a kick out of that. A card holder would be really cool made out of leather, i have tons of smaller pieces from the tack shops scrap bin, they let me go in there and pick out a full grocery bag if i want of all the better scraps for 12$.

Looks good. Hope it leads to good things for you.

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