It’s a fair size bottle (If you want the quarter pic comparison , I can do tomorrow). I don’t think I will run out in the next year or two. I only use it for the clear acrylic applications. I use rhino glue for other stuff, also non smelly, but does fog up.
I also save up things I want/need glowforge-wise on a wishlist on amazon. Using their credit card, we accumulate points. Come points day, I’m ready to get stuff like this for free (I know I could use it elsewhere, but it works for me).


thank you for sharing that. I’ll look into getting some next time i place an order. I like that you can glue clear acrylic to wood with this result. this is lovely. i’m really digging all of your contributions to the forum. thank you so much.

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I can never get a big bottle to last. It always seems to dry out or clog before I use much. I find that even though at a per oz cost the little tubes or small bottles may be more expensive from the start, after I throw away a fairly unused large bottle I’m better off with a smaller targeted size :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the same problem with Weld-on for acrylic - except the can seems to evaporate through the cap. (Not because I might not have tightened it enough :roll_eyes:)

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Thanks! I only used it sparingly on this coaster - just a dribble round the inner circle where there is more wood. If you look very closely you can see it, but not at a glance if you know what I mean. The clear acrylic layer really make the pattern stand out.

Good to know! There is always more to be had. :grin:

Weld. Keep your Weld in a container with a very very small opening to retard the evaporation. Something like a Vanilla Extract bottle.

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Not to take away from someone’s plug-in income at all, but there’s a lot of ways to make mandalas in native Illustrator ranging from pretty easy to ridiculously over engineered. This is one of my favorite methods as it’s not too complex and shows how the whole mandala looks as you’re drawing


Thanks!! I really appreciate it!! :smiley: I remember looking at Astute Graphic several years ago, but at the time it wasn’t the best fit for me. I had actually forgot about them until I saw your post.
Now that I want to design my own stuff for GF, I have been struggling to learn more about designing in Illustrator. (I can see in my head what I want to create, but I swear Ai hates me! :rofl: ) So I hope Astute Graphics is a big part of my answer. The other half is watching hours of YouTube Ai tutorials. :grinning: Years ago, that’s how I learned Photoshop and I love Ps.

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Love Mandalas, thank you for the share.

I know i’m late to the party but thx for this free design :). I cut it into a piece of leather i had laying around 0.052" thick. made it 4" tried to do a 3" one but it didn’t work out so well with the leather.


Wow! That may be the cleanest cutting material that I’ve ever seen for this! :sunglasses:


If not PG, was it masked on both sides?

yup i masked it on both sides with some green painters tape.

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for me i think the trick was i cut it finished side down to give it the best chance to survive and used masking on both sides.

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I really liked the engraved! Here is a Mandala commercial use $1 (for a few days I think)(

I know I am doing something incorrect!! When I right click I choose save as, and sgv is not an option. only bitmap and something else.

It’s likely your browser. Edge?

yup! just downloaded chrome

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hey there thanks, how do i download the svg file???

Click on the file, Save As.

If your browser doesn’t allow it, use a different one.

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