Leather Bifold Wallet

Beautiful work! :slight_smile:

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Very sleek and clean design. I love it! Great job!!!

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What leather are you using? I’m having trouble finding something for my projects.


I am also looking for good leather as well!

Would you mind sharing the SVGs of this project? I would love to make one!

Towards the bottom of the community guidelines is the request not to ask people for their designs unless they say, “ask me if you want a copy” in their post. Asking questions about designs and stuff is ok. If they want to make their files available they’ll either post them in the Free Laser Designs section or in their see what I made thread. Glowforge really should pin the community guidelines to the top of the forum, but they don’t. It’s a common mistake.

In this particular case he has his own leather goods company, Mars Leather Company. While that design does not appear to be for sale, maybe if you contact him through there he’ll sell you one.


@edavis , @shelmanc -

Good news, there are whole threads on leather sources!

Just search for “leather source”, and you’ll find a ton of info. Here’s a link to a search to save you the typing:



Hi there! Unfortunately, I won’t be sharing any of the design files for my projects yet. However, this design is quite simple and similar to the wallet design in the catalog. If Glowforge releases the ability for owners to share designs and instructions in the catalog, I plan to share some of my leather product designs on there and I hope you’ll find it then!


@edavis , @shelmanc

Great questions about where to source leather to use with your Glowforge and @evansd2 's suggestion about searching through the forums is a great place to start. I’ve done this in the past and found the threads to be very helpful.

I wonder if it would be beneficial for the community if I wrote a brief tutorial post for leather projects with the Glowforge. Let me know what you all think of this idea :smile:


Yesyesyes! I vote yes!

Any and all discussions of technique are welcome. Allllways.

I think that’s a wonderful idea!


I would also love a tutorial!

Let’s not forget that you already wrote a pretty great one and discussed sourcing

Great posts, both of these.


Thanks for sharing those posts! I decided to write a longer tips and tricks post on working with leather for those who were interested.

@geek2nurse @edavis @annie.sullivan , you can check out the tips and tricks post here: Leather Bifold Card Wallet & Leather Tutorial

Hope this helps you :smile:!


Do I get a vote? Because I’d love to see that. :slight_smile:
Edit: OK, I saw it. It’s great!


Yes please! A tutorial would be awesome!

He linked to it above.

This is great! Nice work! I need to make one soon!