Leather book cover

So I’ve kind of been MIA for a few weeks…I made some stuff early on, posted one thing, then we started having air assist fan error messages every few cuts…Glowforge support helped us get that sorted and fully functional again, but then I had surgery on the 20th of last month, and spent a few days on narcotics and a few more days being in pain and just sitting in the recliner, but a few days ago I felt well enough to stitch together some leather I’d cut & dyed.

A month ago I found some little spiral note books at Target for a dollar or two each, and bought several.

I was feeling crabby, so bought a crab design on Etsy to decorate this, put my name on it, and cut it. I had read of others using alcohol ink to dye leather, and have alcohol inks in various colors, so used this pink–it came out really bright, but I guess that will keep me from losing it… I had the Glowforge cut the holes for the stitches, and while they came out good enough, I learned how to make them better, and have cut pieces for another notebook cover for a friend.


How pretty! I like the pink too. :slightly_smiling_face:


That could be my motto. Been there, still doing that (in general, not just stitching holes.)


Yes, that’s the consolation for less-than-perfect–next time it will be better…


Definitely Pink! Nice engrave, the rest comes with practice :slight_smile:


It is gorgeous!

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Really came out nice! Here’s a tip I discovered about lasering stitching holes in leather (maybe you already discovered this): the holes are always filled with char, so to avoid staining the stitching with char I always run some sacrificial thread through every hole to clean it out. If you use dark thread it’s not an issue but pale thread will definitely pick up the char.


Thank you for mentioning that…thus far I have used only dark cord for stitching, but I know I will someday want to use something lighter…I would not have thought of cleaning the holes out first, so will tuck your tip away to save myself some aggravation!

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That’s how white becomes gray. And not a nice even gray, that would have looked nice. :frowning:


That pink really does pop! The engraves look great as well.

Glad you’re on the mend and back to 'forging.


Thank you! It’s good to feel like being up and doing things again!

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Some of the best “Everything Else” forum responses are from surgery recovery narcotics! :stuck_out_tongue:
Glad you’re feeling better, and you are definitely not going to lose that book!