Leather bound books, lab notebooks, adventure journals, photo albums, etc


I’ve been fascinated with making leather bound books of all types. I know it has been explored a little bit here Refillable Leather Journal
and here
Leather Sketchbook

I would like to be able to use them in capturing my research data in one place. A laboratory notebook has so many additional items stuffed into it like analysis charts, chromatograms, etc and it would be nice if I could engrave this info in the inside of the notebook and archive the loose data elsewhere. Then I could customize the outside to look cool and reflect some aspect of the research. I have attached a few images of books to get your creative juices flowing.



Another few…


That is exactly the kind of things I want to do. Hope I don’t kill my filter too fast burning all the leather. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep. Keep in mind, too, that you don’t have to laser the leather directly. Make some delrin stamps, run your damp veg tan and the stamp through a press, and you can do some amazing embossing.


This artist creates some incredible leather books. Some of his(?) pieces are quite dark, but even if they’re not your style, the workmanship is impeccable and inspiring: http://www.alexlibris-bookart.com


The steam punk gas mask is cool.


I wonder if acrylic would work as an embossing die? Be a lot cheaper than Delrin/acetal.


I had actually been considering how to do a cover remake for 3 ring binders, which can be picked up cheaply.


It would be worth trying, but I’m guessing it would be too fragile for most presses to not break. Nice that you could at least flame-polish the finish, though.