Leather Charm Bracelet with instructions

Hermann and Oak Craftsman Tooling Side $180 for the side.
4-5 oz and 5-6 oz. I do not cover the leather with transfer paper because I like the look of the scorching.

Angelus paints their metallic colors and their series Glitterlites

  1. 2 coats of Paint and 1 coat of Glitterlites
  2. 2 coats of Fiebling’s Resolene (Use a damp 2 inch wide sponge brush) Use the same brush to brush away the bubbles.

After painting leather it measures 2.6mm

You need the leather to be completely flat on crumb tray. If it does not lie flat —-wet the flesh side with water and place something heavy on it for 30 minutes. Take a sponge with water and coat the flesh aide. Cover entire flesh side 2 or 3 times.

  1. In the Glowforge interface.
  2. Choose uncertified material 2.6 mm

Cutting Settings—Speed 170, Precision Power 100,

Engraving Settings— Speed 1000, Power 52, LPI 170

After the charms are cut and engraved I coat them with UV resin. The UV Resin and nail dryer are from Amazon. Any type of UV resin but high a wattage dryer.


Puppy bling!


Everyone here knows how much I love my babies. I even have hand towels in the bathroom that are shaped liked Westies.

I have never been on a cruise but I have watched the videos about making towels look like animals. Many years ago, I purchased a towel folding book and one of the examples was a Westie.

I was in the book store screaming with excitement like I had just won the lottery— everyone around me started laughing when I told them about the Westie towel.


These are so cute!
And I love the idea of the charms–right now thinking about applying this idea for “stitch counters” my sister keeps talking about…

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