Leather Christmas Tree Ornament

Halloween is over…now it’s time for Christmas projects.

Made this leather Christmas tree ornament based off of the free pattern found here (scroll to very bottom of page)…



As soon as Halloween was over my wife started talking about putting up the Christmas tree.

I remember when we at least waited until after Thanksgiving…


I know, right? Is Thanksgiving no longer a holiday? :grinning:

We won’t decorate for Christmas until December. Right now we’re in Fall/Thanksgiving mode. Things just come along too fast already without jumping the gun and accelerating them :wink:

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We honestly don’t decorate for Christmas until a couple weeks before…too much trouble trying to keep the cat out of the tree.


Same here, for exactly the same reason! Except that there are two of them…

Nice ornament!


Ha ha! When I was married, my husband and I had two adults and three kittens. We had to keep all the ornaments at least 2’ above ground or the adults would debaubulate them. Then we discovered the kittens in the tree! That was the end of breakable ornaments. :heart_eyes_cat: :cat2:

I like the 3D effect, I’ll try something like that. Thanks for the inspiration.


Oh wow, this looks really neat. Hadn’t thought about a leather tree!

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Just put our tree up today. We downsized last year and it’s fiber optic, so no lights to put on it. Yay!

All these warnings and I will probably still wait until December something (sigh).

Nice 3D action with that tree.

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I think I am just going to make one of these and use it as my actual tree this year. :wink: