Leather Cigar Case

Im interested in engraving the attached leather cigar case but want to ensure it will be safe for my machine. Ive read everything and it reads all leather but again i am new and haven’t worked with leather yet.


That’s really cool.

Can you contact the manufacturer and ask how it was tanned? You want to engrave veggie tanned only.

Yeah, they are really non-specific on the site: https://www.amazon.com/AMANCY-Quality-Leather-Humidor-Stainless/dp/B072J42G5Q

You might try asking the question, but as the seller hasn’t answered any of the ones posted so far you might hit a brick wall there :-/

I’m betting if you go into a local cigar store they could tell you about the ones they have - ask if it’s “vegetable or chrome tanned”
If price isn’t an issue you can buy two and burn a small strip off one - if it burns slowly into grey ash, and doesn’t have a bluish tint while burning it should be veg tanned

From the picture it looks like it has been wet formed, which means veg tanned. Or it could just be leather over a frame, which means inconclusive.

And you could just try. You’re always taking a leap of faith with the dyes no matter the tanning process. As for any chromium released, if it is chrome-tanned, it’ll be well below OSHA limits (and that’s if you don’t vent outdoors.)


In extreme you might get your own leather and make it really special :upside_down_face:

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I have cut, etched and scored both types of leater . Go for it

Both veg and chrome tanned with cut/etch/score beautifully - the problem is that the gasses that come off doing that to chrome tanned can be poisonous so if you’re not venting really well you can hurt yourself (or more likely a small animal or child)…worth being careful!