Leather Clutch with Spiritboard

This is a small clutch I made for myself with a Spiritboard design of my own. I bought a pattern and adapted it to the Glowforge.

Having cut out leather by hand, while the house didn’t smell all that great, it was such an amazing way to cut and emboss the leather!

And here it is out in the wild with the strap attached:


I very nice piece! The title threw me a bit as the fantasy books I was aware of had automatic transmission in their spirit boards. I would give you a big hand over it but I see you already have one.


Love it. I’ve been playing around with leather some lately (GF makes it much easier to get the spacing on hand stiches right!) but I seem to always mess up the dying if using veg-tan like the GF stuff. Was this proof grade or something else? I.e., if you did dye it I would love to hear about your process.


This was veg tan leather I purchased from my local Tandy’s. And this particular dye is an Eco-Flo Waterstain. I just wiped it on and let it dry. Then sealed it.

I didn’t dye it, though, until after I cut it out.