Leather cozy

Does anyone know of a good resource for a leather cozy svg?

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Sorry, no.
I made a pattern years ago for hand cutting & haven’t converted it to an svg for lasser cutting, even though I’ve done some etching to make a few new ones this summer.

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What style are you looking for? Can, bottle, or cup? Snap, zipper, or friction?

Maybe a file generator would work?


This would be perfect except the holes are running the length, rather than the height. I’m making it on leather and need the holes on the height to stitch together. I don’t really know why there would be circles along the length.

I wasn’t sure either :slight_smile:

But I turned on the option to see what it did.

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I have a book with cool patterns for hand sewing projects–for their cup cozy, they didn’t overlap.
But I’ve either machine sewn or riveted them, and have needed the overlap.

And regardless of how you come up with your design, be sure to test the cone/arcs used for fit–you want to make sure it covers the area of the glass folks actually hold the cup and doesn’t gap (e.g. if lower edge too small–too steep and angle–then the cozy will stay too low on the cup. If too shallow an angle, you’ll have to big of a gap between the cozy and cup for it to work well).

I made this one, and it fits the cups I’m intending on using it on. It needs a bit of tweaking. You have to copy and paste the holes onto the other side, which for some reason when I did it in inkscape it didn’t paste them as Svg’s. You also have to move the holes onto the end of the cozy. But it works.Coffee-Sleeze-Cutting-Template https://community.glowforge.com/uploads/short-url/bbnuLwNfRF5OTe9AvrCowSoTty0.MOV

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Apparently the spelling and pronunciation of this item varies quite a lot.
I call it a koozie/coozy (pronounced coo-Z). The word cozy makes me think of being comfortable and warm, while I normally use koozies to keep drinks cool… although I guess sometimes I also use them to make skinny drinks fit better in the wide cupholder, which might be an argument for “cozy”.


I think of cozy for hot drinks. I imagine the ‘cozy’ cuddling the cup and keeping it warm. That’s why I always thought they were called cozy.

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perfectly reasonable… so do you use the same word for the foam sleeve used for keeping drinks cold?

i guess this could also be a location thing… do you by chance live somewhere that gets really cold in the winter, but not too horribly hot in the summer? Around here (upper central valley) winter can be coldish, but summer is hot!

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