Leather Cuff

Recently I started in on working a leather cuff for a friend. He’s been wanting one for a while and I finally had time to get it done for him. I opted to try using the program formally known as Vectornator to create the pattern, which is my approximation of several different videos with verious version of this concept.

I started out making a template to follow and trial and error. In this case there was more error…but not for the reason you might be thinking.

I was 99% done, in fact, I was getting ready to do the final step, when my friend send me a message saying the measurement he had sent before was incorrect. As you can see, in the picture above the new one is significantly smaller.

Once I used traditional methods for cutting out the now second cuff, I then went ahead and cleaned up my edges, I used a burnishing tool and was able to get most of the edges, except for the corners. I ran down to the lathe and made what I now refer to as… little burny

I loaded my pattern in, and scored the leather as light as possible so it would only be a guide for my tooling and not a large stand out mark.

Fortunately I had the day off during this, and with nothing to do, I ended up spending a few hours soly working on this project, and getting all my tooling done in about 2-3 hours I dyed the edges and then used a leather dye pen to color the knotwork to make it stand out from the tan dye.

From there it was a simple sprint to the end! Put finishing coat on my leather, cut a piece for a nice smooth under bottom, and then finish those edges and sitch the bottom on.

Over all im happy with how it went, I may attempt to get the templates into the catalog at some point, let me know if this is something you’d make if you got this far!
Till next time


What does the tooling process entail?

Great result.


I use a leather scooping tool, dampen the leather and then go about “brusing” the leather so it holds shape and gives it a 3d look, later on I’ll take my embossing tools, leather tooling irons or any stamps I’ve made and work the areas between the knotwork to give the outlining a better view and to make it stand out in contrast


Looks great, nice pattern. I’d use the template!


Thanks for the feedback!


You always have the coolest leather projects


Thank you! I look at the myriad of boring leather projects out there (in Internet land) and I strive to make things unique on my own :grin:


Beautiful work - now you need to find someone big and burly to give the first one to!

If you put the pattern into the catalog people could choose to score the design if they didn’t want to get into tooling - so I’d say 100% yes :slight_smile:


That came out great.


Everyone needs a pair of leather bracers - nice job!


Hock, you need to come to Knoxville so we can have a leather weekend. I will let you play with all of my leather tools —-this also includes all of the leather I own.

Your cuff is INCREDIBLE!!


I actually fitted the original one to myself after all things said and done!

The only adjustment I’m going to add to it is loops for the straps

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It’s a requirement! :grin:

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Thank you!

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Thank you! I’m pretty happy with it, especially the texturing :grin: