Leather Dopp Kit

Created 2 different sized Dopp Kits. This is a very simple, minimal dopp kit designed to be made with few pieces and minimal hardware. Perfect beginner project. The name drove me crazy and I had to find out where it came from. Here’s what I found on Wikipedia:
“The name derives from the early 20th century leather craftsman Charles Doppelt, whose company designed the case in 1926.”
Makes me think I have to design a bag and name it after myself so people in the next century will look me up!

Pattern is available.


That’s really nice. It makes me want to go down yet another rabbit hole.

P.S. where’s the banana?

P.P.S. what did one of those cost in material? And what weight leather? And how $ for the plans or kit?

I designed these to be able to cut them on a basic. Each one needs about 2 sheets of leather that fit inside the GF- appx 3-4 sq ft of leather. I used extra pieces of leather I had left over from other projects. The large bag was done with 4-5oz leather and the smaller one was with 6oz leather. I’m asking $7 for the patterns and they are laser ready svg files. I design the patterns with 2 colors so you can cut the inner holes first and then the outside last. I also used the default settings for medium and thick leather only changing the number of passes to 2. The settings however are always different for every hide of leather. As for cost, it depends on where you get your leather and what you’re willing to pay. I try to get my leather for around $5/square foot.


Those are very nice. I like the green a lot.


Ooh - I love the square (rectangular) base - and for this one the slight flop of the 4-5oz makes me happy :slight_smile: Lovely work!


LOve that gray color! The design is striking, too! Terrific work!


Nice work