Leather EDC Sheath

I got tired of my EDC items all banging around in my pocket so I used some proofgrade leather to make myself a little EDC sheath. I also used the Glowforge to label each pocket because why not. I initially cut each piece out to size with the laser, but all the stitching was marked and punched with hand tools. I found pictures of each item then used photoshop to create a PNG outline of each item. I then imported the PNGs into inkscape and used the trace bitmap to path function to create SVG files the glowforge could then score. Really happy with how it turned out. As you can see from the pictures, its seen pretty constant use.



Neat idea! :sunglasses::+1:

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Great job on it, and leather will hold up so much better than synthetic materials.

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The helpful items are always the best!

The ultimate geek pocket protector!