Leather engraving question

Hi everyone! So, I’m super proud of one of my former airmen. I used to supervise him 10 years ago or so then he went off into the special forces side of the house. To deal with military stresses, he started writing stories, and is now a published and award winning author. His genre is fantasy and his 3 book series centers around a mythical land. One of his friends that is more artistic than me, drew this land as a map, based on the descriptions in the book! The second book of the series is coming out soon.
I ordered some golden goat skin leather, which i plan to use some aging cream on to make it a bit older looking. Then i’ll turn some scroll type handles so that the map can be rolled up like in olden times.
My questions are: should I wait to age it with the cream after the engraving, any tips, issues i should watch out for (first time with leather). Anything else you guys think i should know? It is 2.5 oz leather, so according to the sheet i got its about 1mm thick.
dave’s map|690x419


I think the best thing would be to do a 2 inch square test of each and see what results in a better look.


What a cool map! Be sure to show us the finished product when you get it done. It will be a true collector’s piece for the author.


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