Leather Engraving

Engraving tonight on some oil tanned “CrazyHorse” cow hide. I just used the Proofgrade settings for Thick Leather. Worked like a charm!


The video is blank for me for some reason. :-/


Hmmm, weird. It plays just fine on my end. I recorded and uploaded from my iPhone if that makes a difference.

For a while, videos were just up and dying after a while and would magically work after a non changing edit save occurred. Discourse was to look into it but I don’t remember a solution.

I’m looking at it on a desktop computer. Tried it on the phone and same thing. Funny thing is, the sound is there, but just a white screen.


When i download it and play it with the VLC it works fine. So i guess it is a codec Problem or need time to compile same as youtube does with higher Resolutions.

Still can’t see the video, but great to hear that it handled oil tan! I have a big hide of it I bought for a special project and it sounds like I can actually Forge it. I was afraid it would just boil and shrivel.

My GF security clearance isn’t high enough to view it. :expressionless:

When I download it, I just get sound when I play it.

I didn’t want to have a mess so I played it safe and only did an engrave. It didn’t smell too bad either but this was a fairly simple engrave and not a lot of big areas, just lines.

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