Leather Family Crest Coasters

3" in diameter family crest coasters made from .090" thick leather. These were punched out of leather and then the family crest was engraved. You can also cut the round shape but I already had these punched out. I had to redraw the family crest from an image that was engraved in family heirloom crystal goblets.


Those are cool. You should try them on slate too.



looks great

I do my coasters mostly out of Lowes white tile. The leather looks great, but out of my budget for coasters.

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You can get leather on Amazon and ebay. I also go to Skycraft in Orlando FL and they sell scraps there at a reasonable price

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Going to have to get a family crest made. Probably will not have a knight on it…maybe a couch or Laz-e-boy And a laser. Great work!!


I have one of those funny family crests too. It involves a shovel and other tools, coffee cup etc.


Tandy Leather !!! VEG tanned!

I don’t really know much about my family crest. I know my family originates in Wales, but that is it. Last year, for Christmas, my son-in-law bought me a “Lordship”. It is pretty scammy, but it basically says there is a 2x2 plot of land on some Scottish noble land that is reserved in my name or something like that, and that I can put “Lord” on my plane tickets or Driver’s License if my state allows it. (It doesn’t) But it did come with a semi-cool family crest…I might use that. (I also assume the billion other suckers who bought their lordship have the same crest)


I know that the crystal with the crest was in my parents house since at least the 70’s. But could be fake too.