Leather Field Quiver - Archery - with engraved yellow kangaroo leather

So a little while ago my partner and I decided to take up archery. I took this as the perfect reason to finally design some leather quivers! This one is mine.

I used two types of veg tanned leather - some beautifully soft kangaroo leather, and some thicker regular-old-bovine variety. Oh, and a monogrammed button made from proof-grade ply!

To start off, I sketched out a rough template on graph paper before scanning it into illustrator for a little refinement. I thought about cutting some test pieces from paper… but then I decided I was much too impatient and just jumped straight into it, like a true warrior! :laughing:

The inner lining and gusset took a while to engrave… but :heart_eyes:

All hand stitched, piece by piece, with my makeshift stitching pony for support (literally just two offcuts of framing wood clamped together)

It’s mostly finished, but I got lazy toward the end and did a quick job of making a loop to secure the pocket. Once I redo that properly, I’ll be happy to call it complete!


I love the liner and the little square wooden button. Very nice work!


Thank you! At the start I was worried the yellow would be too overpowering, but I think the engraving on the liner helps tie it all together nicely.


Love it. My field quiver has seen better days. I might need to think about making one! This is really great!!!


i think the yellow is what makes it. it would be nice without it, but not as special.


Very nice! I love working with leather and seeing work like yours shows me what is possible on the :glowforge: :smiley:


Beautiful–love the color break from the yellow leather!

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I’m really glad I stuck with it, it engraves really well and sure is a striking colour. I’m pretty sure I picked this piece up on sale so I might need to check out whether I can procure any more of it.

I originally planned to use a combination of yellow + black, seeing as I had some offcuts of a nice thick black leather lying around, but the combination didn’t quite look right to me. I’m glad I switched it out for the brown leather, but this stuff is a little softer and I’m wondering whether it would benefit with having something inserted under the liner to add a little stiffness.

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It’s so exciting to be able to make something like this! It felt so satisfying to draw something out on paper and see it right through to the end with minimal hiccups. This was only leather project #2! I’m glad I went all in and included the lining & gusseted pocked :smile:


Worthy of Legolas! Very nice job.

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The engraving in combination with the yellow really pops! Lovely work.

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