Leather gifts

I just finished some family gifts from leather (“Designer Small Skins”) I recently got on sale from Tandy Leather. They give an estimated size of 1-3 oz. I really like the finish on it. The design is one purchased from the Glowforge catalog—3-pocket Executive Card wallet (don’t worry, I got the unlimited prints version).

Before stitching I pressed the fronts (slightly dampened) with custom monogram stamps made of acrylic, with clamps, for about an hour. Then saddle-stitched the wallets. By the way, if I ever want to try stitching four layers of leather together again I hope somebody smacks me up the side of the head.


Nice! I like how that came out.


These look really sharp! Great sewing!


If you enjoy working with Leather I highly recommend this product from Tandy. I own it and absolutely love it. The tool is expensive, and all the accessories that can be used with it are EXPENSIVE!!

In the past Tandy has put the tool and accessories on sale for their after Thanksgiving Day sale.

Before I purchased mine several of my leather artist friends highly recommended I make this purchase. I was extremely hesitant because of the cost.

I purchased it and within two minutes of me using it ——I was screaming at the top of my lungs “ This is the greatest invention ever!!!” If you get a chance watch some YouTube videos.


Those presses are handy!
Years ago when I started on my leather adventures and I was barely earning above min wage someone on the leatherworker forum tipped me to a popular cheapie semi DIY version:
A small arbor press (under $50 at Harbor Freight) with a vertical hole drilled out in the bottom of the shaft to take hand tools and small perpendicular hole drilled for a set screw. So much quieter than hammering! I could work all night long without bothering anyone :slight_smile: Conveniently, it also works for stamping and as a mini clicker press (heavy pressure for punching shapes with dies).


BEUTiful job on these…excellent stitiching! I really should make myself some stamps as I’m still doing leather stuff. I’ve not burned out on my enthusiasm for it yet, either…which usually happens somewhere in the process. I love these…very classy!


This is what I’ve been thinking of getting as well. Well within my cost range, which makes it very tempting. I’m running out of space in my tiny 7’x7’ studio though, so would have to deal with that, first.


Oh that’s tiny indeed. Some people mount their arbor press on a piece of plywood and move it around as needed. I used to just clamp it to the corner of my workbench with C-clamps (no plywood). They’re completely worth having if you’re doing more than a few snaps, rivets, grommets, whatever. Maybe the smaller 1/2 ton version would work for you? The Palmgren version is a little pricier than HF but comes with a hole in the ram predrilled.


Yes…very tiny as it also shares the space with my food pantry shelves and a liquor cabinet. My workspace/GF counter was custom built across one side of the room and I have a desk and a chair…but storage space is at a premium. Like everything else I’ve crammed in there…where there’s a will, there’s a way. Thanks for your suggestions.


That does look useful! My leather work is pretty rare and I’m a rank amateur so I don’t think I deserve a nice tool like that. Besides—no place to put it.


OMG!!! ROTFLMAO!!! When I was at the Tandy store and I had made the decision I was going to purchase it —— my husband asked “WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO PUT THAT?!?!?

My response “I don’t know!!!”

7 years ago every room in my house could have been photographed and been in Southern living magazine. My entire home and outside were Pinterest ready. For some unknown reason up until May 2013, I had suffered from some mental issue everything in my life had to be absolutely organized, perfect, shiny and clean!!!

Update—- Now our rancher home could possibly be on an episode of Hoarders without all the trash, garbage, rats, bugs, food containers, newspapers, magazine, papers. After passing away we have inherited 4 different family member’s stuff and one best friend’s craft/sewing/quilting store.

Every fews weeks my husband will yell “Why didn’t anyone just leave us money?!?!?!”


Oh you deserve it alright (and so do I)…but, the space limitations are real. :smile:


Hey @cynd11…I was just looking on Tandy’s site at the ‘designer small skins’ (wow…what amazing colors!)…it doesn’t say…do you think or know if they’re veg tanned?

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NIce work on those! Those will make great gifts! Don’t deserve it? What kind of thinking is that? That is tantamount to thinking before making a purchase related to art supplies. You can’t do that. YOU DO DESERVE IT! I don’t even do leather and I think I deserve it!:smiley:


You can get even smaller and cheaper (than the Harbor Freight version) bench presses on Amazon and eBay.


No, I don’t know. But the stuff cuts beautifully (I used Proofgrade settings for thin leather).


I highly recommend this place to purchase all leather. Many times they have specials on the different exotic animal skins. They also sell sample boxes of all their leathers.

Call them and they will send you their big HUGE catalog.



Thank you for the link…I’ll check them out. As far as catalogs go, I prefer no more paper than necessary, but will certainly take a look online.

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Here is a link to the remnant boxes.


The last couple of years I have purchased several different remnant boxes and have been very HAPPY. Look for the Big Box 20 pounds (twenty-Pounds) upholstery for $15!!! I have purchased two of these boxes and when they arrive I feel like I won the Powerball lottery.

I always take the leather out of the shipping boxes and put them in one of those plastic boxes with a lid. Before I put the leather in the plastic box I drill a hole about an inch in diameter to let the box breathe because I do not want moisture building up inside.


When are we going to see things you have made from these things? Do you make miniatures from your leather?