Leather hair thingy

Just a couple of notes about a hair accessory I made this morning that I thought I’d share. 1st is that the leather I used is not proofgrade, and as such, I needed to mask it with something because leather chars so easily. I used Japanese washi tape, which is a very thin paper tape used often in scrapbooking. It comes in all kinds of patterns and colors. I just used this one because it was wider than the standard half inch that most washi is. It worked beautifully, and I was able to wash down the piece with a damp cloth and I also used a toothbrush to get into the engraved areas before I removed the tape. I then colored the leather with a brown shoe polish I had ( probably from 1974 or so) !
The “stick” is a bone hairstick topped by one of my handmade glass feathers.



Forgot to say, the leather was from Michaels. I used the proofgrade settings for heavy leather, and it worked perfectly. :slight_smile:

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How very pretty! (Love the stick too!) :grinning:

Handmade glass feather. What?! Awesome project.

I did a quick leather coaster at 30% power, non-proofgrade, no masking. Turned out great.