Leather journal cover

I picked up a great scrap of Leather from the local leather store with the hopes of creating a leather journal cover. I designed the journal cover in Inkscape. I used the settings for Proofgrade thick leather. I used 0.5 mm waxed thread for the stitching.

Here’s a couple photos:


What happened with the drum set that it is so light? The rest is terrific! I am guessing that the drums look better in real than in the photo?

The drum set burn turned out lighter than I hoped but once it’s off the Glowforge, there was no way I was going try to re-align it for a second burn. I’ll turn up the power on version 2 when I’m able to get back to the leather store. I’m really enjoying working with leather (other than the smell…)!


Yes it is harder to do with leather but I usually create s set of magnets around the work so it can go back to where it was. but yes the “you get what you get” result with the Glowforge once you launch has driven me up a wall many times, as you can try again with new material but you can’t even go back from halfway.


Ooh, I love the double pen holder as a clasp idea, so smart!

Very nice! Did you pre-cut the stitching holes or did you use a machine to sew it up?

I pre-cut the stitching holes. It worked out really well.

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Ditto @Kusmeroglu- such a clever way to combine pen holder and notebook clasp!