Leather Journal

Hand tooled after a light image was engraved. Made from saddle leather, with heavy stock pages bound inside. The map image is of Austin in the late 1800’s.


Wow, beautiful! :grinning:

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Not entirely laser though? It’s looks like there’s some extra tooling.

Love this. This is right in my wheelhouse.

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RPratt, that is correct. The laser does a beautiful job of marking, but it can’t give you the relief and feel of tooling. Much like enhancing other projects with paint colors, or fills.


This is fantastic. Love the finish.

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The tooling adds a lot to the looks of your project . I am still afraid to try the leather projects. That is such a nice design choice for your map. :grinning:


Still sitting on my leather too…


That is really nice

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This is truly stunning. And photographed on calico cloth with some wire-rimmed ‘spectacles’…just lovely.

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Ohhhhhhh, just beautiful!

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So very nice!

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Stunning!!! This motivates me to want to learn to work with leather!! Your tooling work did not seem to interfere / cut out the laser engraved lines. Did you laser, then tool, then laser again?

Love the map!!!

The design was only lasered once, and that was lightly done. The tooling of the leather produces both texture (depth) and shading. This cover is 6"x9" and was done 5 years ago. You can see that the different tooling and depth of tooling creates the different “colors” and shades. The more the leather is handled, the richer the color of the leather becomes.

Leather is a very forgiving material once you get used to it, and the tools can start simple (wood) and grow from there as you progress. Also - failures are much less expensive that some of the other things we put into our GF.


Very interesting!!! Never thought much about leather. Time to pick up some new tools and start experimenting! Thanks!!!

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It. Is. Wonderful!!!

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That is gorgeous. Excellent work.

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You will feel the joy of your craft every time you look at your journal. Stunning!

This is so cool - plus bookmaking looks fun as heck!

Beautiful! Now you can post you tube videos for all of us :crazy_face: