Leather Keychain piece with lettering

I finally got to test my Glowforge with some leather scraps I ordered from Tandy. I used the sign program someone else posted (https://smartin015.github.io/svg_signmaker/ ) to make the lettering, and tested the design first on some draft board. Then had it engrave on the scrap leather and added a hole punch to for a key ring to go through. Gonna give this one to a friend of mine’s dog sitting business. Since this was scrap and I was engraving, I also put a piece of the proof grade leather in the machine to grab the barcode from. Worked pretty well for the engraving but it did not cut out the engraving.


Came out great!

Yes, you will have to experiment to get the right cutting settings for that leather. It is very sensitive to the thickness so be sure to measure that and set the focus height accordingly.

Oh, and be sure not to use chrome-tanned leather in the laser–it is bad for your health.


Awesome job!

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I sent a note to the seller (Tandy Leather) and this was their response:

“While the leather is not chrome tan and should not be toxic, we highly suggest ensuring there is a high amount of ventilation. Even though the leather is not toxic, there is no telling how an individual may react to the fumes from the oils, waxes, pigments and leather itself. We hope this information helps.”

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