Leather knife sheath challenge

So recently I got into trying out items from Temu, (in case you don’t know, it’s a drop shipping site akin to wish or ali express) one of the free items I got was a pretty slick knife. I have forged a few knives, generally for gifts m, including a special knife that started it all 5 days before my now 6 years old son was born.

I wasn’t sure the quality of the knife and was expecting less knife then advertised, so today’s package delighted me when the knife was actually pretty great! Good steel, might need a little sharpening but that’s not a big deal, however…this sheath…oh boy oh boy this sheath leaves a lot to be desired.

Looking at it initially it looks pretty good! It fits the knife properly and can be worn on a standard size belt with no issues. However when you begin to look closer you will see things like:

The thread not being properly sealed off, you can literally undo the machine stiching with 0 effort.

The leather… isn’t actually leather! It’s some kind of foam core with a leather upholstery covering.

There is some kind of spacer/ gusset that is a different type of foam, also colored to look like leather but not actually leather.

So my challenge is simple, the way I see it: Rip the sheath apart and figure out the exact design so I can replicate it with top grain or shoulder leather that will be worthy of holding the knife.



It is time for you to move on up.
Worth every single penny.


I’m still working my way though that nice shoulder I got from Tandy :rofl: if my test tomorrow works the way I hope it does I should be able to make many new Deckboxes with it


Fun project! Sheaths are so satisfying to make.

Interesting that a faux leather item would include that - it looks like a decorative variation on a welted seam. This is commonly used in leatherwork and shoemaking to protect the seam and hide the threads on seams under stress - similar to piping on upholstery. I’ve not seen that used on a sheath before.


Yeah exactly! I have some shoes that have that same stiching but they have the stiching finished properly, so it was a little odd but I think I know why they didn’t finish it off: It’s regular thread, not waxed thread


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