Leather Moose

I bought this leather moose at a brew fest a couple weeks ago from a local micro brewery with moose in their name. I bought it because I love moose, because a moose is part of the logo for my business, and because I was fascinated that it was cut leather presumably wet formed into a very recognizable moose. I have been meaning to post these pictures here since I bought it.

I’d love to make and sell something like this when my Glowforge arrives but I’ll have to come up with my own unique variation on the idea (fox, buffalo???) since it’s not my design and, even if I came up with my own moose, it’s already available for purchase in my local area.


Kewl! That would work well with your postcards! :slight_smile:

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I need to come up with more moose designs by this time next year. I just passed up an opportunity to have a booth at a Moose Festival a couple hours north of here this weekend. I hope to go next year.

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Float your designs as you develop them…mooses are neat! (Moosi?) (Moosies?) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Make it a proud moose head held high, not a sad moose with it’s head hanging down. HAH🐐


alert moose. head up and turned 45 degrees.
and all of Moose’s woodland friends too, whynot?

@jules paraphrasing wikipedia:
Moose (n.)
Plural: moose or (dated) mooses or (uncommon, humorous) meese.
Usage notes
The usual plural of moose is moose;
Other plurals are rare and nonstandard: mooses (with the usual English plural-forming suffix -s), meese (jocularly formed by analogy to goose → geese).

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Yeah, around here, other than for humorous effect, we call use “moose” as the plural.

We had way more Elk than moose when I lived in the mtns.
I think this is the best photo i ever managed to snag of one.


Nice! I have photographed about a dozen moose in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Alaska, and Nova Scotia but I don’t have any shots quite as good as this. We had a moose walk within about 400 yards of our house a couple weeks ago but it was near dusk so my photo is kind of blurry.

Nice! That must be a Shiras Moose? I haven’t been lucky enough to run across any bulls but do have a nice shed from one. I have only ran across cows in Northern Minnesota (Boundary Waters and on the Echo Trail).


Wait… Moose festival?!

Also plural of moose is “meice” as far as I’m concerned


This was taken at Piney Lake near Vail, Co., Shiras Moose sounds right…?
It’s hard to get the picture you want while still keeping at least one large tree between you and the moose. Most dangerous animal around those parts AFAIC.

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It’s Moosen!


Here in New Brunswick (Canada) we have more meese than you can shake a laser at…eh? :wink:

Note to self…no drinking beer and watching Brian Regan ever again, thx @Brandon_R, my nose says thanks


Meeses Pieces anyone? Moose Droppings

Not an endorsement, just a bit of silliness. :laughing:


You twerps! You fell for it! :smile:

Seriously though - haven’t been on all afternoon because there was a power substation, (directly behind our house) that exploded shortly after my last mooses (heh-heh) post this afternoon.

Toxic smoke thrown up into the air for miles - it burned to the ground. Lots of BIG boom-booms.

AND the smoke was coming into the house through the plumbing in the downstairs toilet.

I called the gas company (it smelled like a gas leak which will 'splode your house right up to mooseville) and got my happy butt outside of the house, and down the street about a mile, where I waited in, oh, about 110° heat for a couple of hours for the CenterPoint guy to get to the house and check it out so I could go back in and pee.

Amazingly, neighbors will come out and hand you cool water while they commiserate with you over the fact that your house might be about to become a roman candle, but they never think to offer you the facilities. Remember that if you ever have the potential for a gas line to go bloowie behind your neighbor’s house.

Anyway, happy ending after all - no gas leak, the stuff coming into the house was just plain old garden variety toxic smoke, and i didn’t get enough of it to affect me.

(Have I mentioned that I’m a giraffe?)

Nope, no effect at all.

It knocked out power to 75,000 homes. Amazingly, they got power restored to about half of them already.

Ours came on about half an hour after we finally got the gas generator running and i got all of the food transferred into the emergency freezer.

Not complaining - I’m frankly amazed.

And pretty freaking grateful.

Been a very, very long day.

Signing off for a shower and some sleep.

Update: Found a good news video of the action (we live just across that gas pipeline easement behind the substation)


Some people will say anything to take the blame off of themselves. :wink: Seriously though, sounds like a very stressful time…being on edge wondering about the outcome. Glad all is well once again.

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Sounds like fun !! You in Ohio? :grin:


Oh and just in reply to the topic header - isn’t that redundant? (leather moose) Aren’t they made out of leather naturally? :smile: