Leather necklaces - the magic of lasers - Pew pew!

This is exactly what I was waiting for our Glowforge to arrive and use for. I’ve been hand cutting these shapes for the last few years and to cut them now on the Glowforge is a HUGE time and effort saver.

I made the shape files in Illustrator. I’m still hand pricking the stitch holes - I’m a bit doubtful I can get that lined up precisely after gluing but I may work up to adding stitch holes as well to my files. This is all veg tan, various settings for the different thicknesses and cut/engraving. All stitching, stamping and dying done by hand.


Lovely! :grinning:

Now that is AWESOME! Leather stuff is also my primary reason for jumping on this train. (Though now my idea list is a looooong rabbit hole!)

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Interesting adaptation of the original. I did a few in silver, but my favorite used upright flowers like a poppy and long sweeping leaves like bear claws. I posted a picture a while back . I will edit & link when I find it.

That’s great! The laser is such a time saver for cutting intricate shapes.

If you do decide to cut the holes, you may find as I did that the holes fill with char. To avoid getting it all over my pieces I had to run waste thread through every hole. At that point it may not be such a timesaver over the manual pricking.