Leather Plague Doctor

A gift for a good friend of mine who’s donation helps me supply mask hooks for local hospitals and health clinics. Thought this PPE would be appropriate. He ask for white leather with red eyes for ‘historical accuracy’. Gotta have the babies in the photo op. Made with veg-tan leather on the glowforge.

Some details

Edge work is very important and should never be skipped.

Post-laser on top, edge work done on bottom.

Beveling is fun.

Patterns by Dieselpunkro. (Disclaimer: None of his patterns are laser compatible)


Life of the party.
Came out awesome.


I did not know they actually had red eyes – seems like that would have made it hard to do assessments of their patients’ coloring and skin condition. :thinking:

Nice job on all of the masks! :slight_smile:


So cool. & great job!

I have the same pattern. I got most of it cut out, yesterday. Just need to cut out the rest, dye the pieces (order more rivets since I ordered the wrong ones :roll_eyes: ) and sew!


I’m sure they didn’t have red eyes lol. He just wanted red to go with white. And thanks!


Your work is very nice!


Looks awesome in white, and your work is impeccable!

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Awesome work and craftmanship. Congratulations!

I didn’t have enough rivets so I opt to the sewn one!

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Looks great.

Amazing craftsmanship - your sewing is impeccable! (not to mention the edgework)

Soooooo I just watch a random documentary and apparently near the end of the Black Death they started wearing glasses made of crystals and dyeing them red because they thought that even looking at the infected can give them the disease! So I guess they intend to make it hard to see :joy: I remembered our conversation and was excited to share.


I wonder if that’s where “seeing the world through rose colored glasses” comes from.