Leather Pouch; SCA, Ren Faire, LARP


Files with instructions
Pouch.zip (834.2 KB)

Really fun leather bag for Ren Fair, SCA, or LARPing.


404 error for the link - page isn’t there.


Can we see a photo of your finished item here? Makes it more fun for folks browsing the category.


Yes, this is my first post to both Thingiverse, and here… Forgive my noobishness. Should be live on Thingiverse tomorrow.

Another design I lightly etched and then painted, because it’s all about coloring lol.


Zip file added to OP, with SVG file and basic instructions


Ooooo, I really like that! Thanks for the design!

Yes, SVGs are permitted, and yours is probably there, it’s just really tiny. You can change the size at which it appears but I forget exactly how. Someone will most likely help us out here.


LOLOL, thank you. I do not post things anywhere much. But this pattern worked REALLY well. I have made like four o them in two days =P


Thanks for the files!! I’m going to try this!


Beautiful paint work! Thank you for sharing!


Cool. It’s been a long time since I wore leather boots and a puffy shirt. I miss it. :smiley:


Never a bad time to play dressup!


One of the main reasons I got my GF was for leather working for the SCA. Haven’t brought myself to make anything yet but it is a goal.


Thanks for the file.


It’s finally live on Thingiverse


They look awesome!


What did you use for painting leather. I like it a lot. Especially how you did the hair.


I etched the image from something I found on line, then just painted in with a tiny brush (particularly the hair lol). I use Angelus leather paint. It is basically Advanced Coloring…


Very pretty! (And great paint jobs!) :grinning:


The pouch looks great! Like others, I love the paint job. Thanks for sharing your design and directions.


These are fantastic! Great job!