Leather Project #2

This was a bit more stressful than my last one, since this was a commission job. Had a friend refer my work to someone, so I thought, sure, I could help out with this. This is the first time I’ve engraved leather at all, my previous project was some simple cuts, this is where the stress was amping up a little. So the client was wanting to engrave a couple of quotes on a leather journal, and this journal is a thick boy, meaning I needed to take my tray out.

He wanted the front engraves to be covered by the flap, and also to get rid of the maker’s stamp mark, easy enough, but the alignment is where my inexperience was also giving me stress. I put some masking on, and did several light tests to make sure everything would be where I wanted it. After letting it sit for a day, I made it much easier on myself by outlining where the flap would go, previously I would run a test, close the flap, run the test, close the flap…obviously inefficient! Forgot to take my stupid pills this morning, so I was much more confident.

Getting the material to not catch was another hurdle to overcome because it was really close to the assist fan when I was leveling it, but I was able to handle that. I think the results of this are quite nice, and my interest in leather engraving is that much more piqued!

Shows what the journal looks like closed, with the engraving nice and hidden

Quote with a couple of palm trees to hide the stamp mark

Back with another quote, and a bow and arrow as requested by the client

This was a ton of fun to conquer, but a bit nerve racking since we only had one shot. I’m fairly certain this is going to be a journal from them for their soon to be born baby, so I certainly wanted to make sure I did a good job :grimacing:


Gorgeous! That’s heirloom quality! :slightly_smiling_face:


I certainly hope so! These unique type of projects are my favorite part of owning a Glowforge, because I know that these custom orders are meant to have more value than the typical manufactured stuff off of a shelf :smiley:


Oh yeah, that’s lovely! Isn’t leather a dream to work with? Engraving even more than cutting it just takes so beautifully :smiley:


The journal itself is really gorgeous…and your good work engraving took it over the top. Nice work!


You did a perfect job on it—the leather looks like it was born with the quote on it. Hopefully your success will give you the confidence to do more of these.


Such a great aged look to it. It looks like it has already travelled and seen things. :slight_smile:


Excellent job. It will be treasured. :sunglasses:


The engraving is excellent.


Beautiful work!


That turned out perfectly! I can’t deal with the stress of custom jobs like that . . .


Haha you’re telling me. After this one I feel more confident in doing them, definitely different working on projects with my own materials since if I mess up it’s easy to replace :sweat_smile:

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