Leather Rhinestone Flower bracelet

Taking a little break from making holiday stuff. I wanted to make something with fun pastels, so I made an 8 in bracelet. I used button findings, laser safe veg tan leather and thin PU leather fabric. The shapes came out in such a variety of shiny pieces. It turned out to be a fun quick project. Hopefully I’ll have time to make more soon.


Nice combo of different material. Is that printed leather like material?


It’s PU leather fabric that I purchased and it all is laser safe. It came in 8 x 12 sheets! ( There aimage|375x500


Laser safe PU, I assume?

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Wondered myself since I had no idea what PU leather was. Here is one answer.

If your faux leather does not explicitly indicate it is laser - safe , we recommend checking with the manufacturer to ensure it does not contain Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which is harmful to you and your laser

I was looking for another thing a bit ago and saw someone telling people PVC was okay to burn if you have adequate ventilation sucking the fumes out. I was THIS close to jumping into that rabbit hole, but did not have any desire to get into an argument on a random web site that I will probably never see again.




I would have felt the same way…wanting SO badly to set them straight, but at the same time not wanting to even deal with it. Pretty frightening misinformation.


We can’t save everyone. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:




“It’s veg tan and thin PU leatherette fabric.”

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This honestly scares me. Please be safe.

One way to research materials is to look up the safety information for the material.

I’m not saying this to be rude or mean or negative. I’m saying this because I genuinely don’t want anyone to get hurt or to damage their laser from using something unsafe.


Those look cool; what’s the thickness of the leather band?


That looks like it would make a fun girl’s night out craft!

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1/8 veg tan leather.

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No offense taken. I honestly did the research before I made this. It only makes sense. I would post the in depth research details, but that’s not what this thread is about. I did research for months on veg tan and PU leatherette material, but those threads contain other people’s admin names, posts, links, safe companies to purchase from… instead just enjoy the art. I’m good on my end and smart about research. As far as your fears, I don’t know you, but there are posts in this community and others where you can express your concerns and learn more with other people who are interested in discussing this topic on their thread. You can also collect research on your own and comment in those threads. Take care, relax and enjoy.

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It cuts so quick and the laser safe veg tan that I got doesn’t smell. I was a super easy and quick bracelet. Can’t wait to make more. I’ve got some fun ideas stirring up.


ok… Good luck!

P.S. People can express their concerns anywhere.

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Absolutely! Good luck to you are well and take care. Much love and peace to you and yours dearhreart. Enjoy !