Leather Safety

You do understand what a byproduct is right? It’s something that would otherwise be thrown into the landfills or go to waste. Using them is equal to reusing things, rather than making more garbage only to be tossed into landfills.
I’m starting to think you are just having a hard time accepting the fact that leather is better.

Just read through the last few and don’t mean to misrepresent but it seems the argument is not that leather is the worst but that there are “better” alternative reuses for the hides than leather itself was the point in this last exchange.

Either way, seems a bit into the weeds for a safety discussion.


This forum isn’t like the rest of the internet where people automatically start taking shots at each other. If you haven’t already read the FAQ, it’s full of guidance about community standards.

As for the rest of it:

I have no problem with leather as a material, in fact I’ve done quite a few projects that feature leather:


Anyway, @wesleyjames picked up on what I was saying and said it more succintly than I did, so there you go.

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I wasn’t taking a shot, I just wanted to be sure. In fact, your original response wasn’t appropriate for community standards anyhow. As it had nothing to do w her question.

John Calabrese

I think we disagree on community standards, This is far afield, but the general rule is that you should add to the discussion in an “agreeable” way, which I think I did. If going off topic were against the rules here, half of our discussions would be in violation. Standards are and what “feels” right is subjective, so I’ll take your feedback into account going forward.

In fact, from the FAQ:

off-topic posts that share topics of mutual interest are welcome.

Really, you should give it a read. it’s the basis of why this place is as nice as it is :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a dm about the rest of it, it’s not relevant to the rest of the readers.


This, and only this, message was my concern. Nothing else.
This message is false in regards to leather.
My intent was not to start debate, rather to speak about the leather industry being a different entity than the cattle industry, as leather is a bye-product of the food.

Speaking of @dan should have someone take a look and update some of that as it still points people to #problems-and-support for all questions and official contact.