Leather Settings

Hi. I’m relatively a newbie, but I wanted to contribute.
I played around with setting for the Hobby Lobby leather pack and FINALLY found the sweet spot.

Thickness 0.2in
Speed 176
Power 100
2 passes

I’m posting pics to show the errors and the final! I put about an hour into trying to figure it out, plus reading through the posts.

Hope this helps someone!


Thanks for the helpful info!


Hope this helps! I was STRUGGLING!


So helpful! Thanks for sharing your trial and errors and also your settings :+1:t2:

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Thank you so helpful. I have been looking on Hobby Lobby is that a remnant pack?

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Hope none of those pieces are chromium tanned–that releases toxic exhaust when lasered… But do keep in mind each hide may require different settings–etching is pretty easy, but different hides will often require different settings for cutting–but glad you’ve found what works well with the pack you have now! (And I keep meaning to make packs of my scraps to sell–I buy sides and sometimes full hides for the work I do, and have quite a pile of scrap I keep intending to package up!).


Thanks so much for the settings!

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Most Definitely! I needed a place to start, and after sensory overload, thought it may be helpful should someone see a “guesstimate” for settings.

Scraps! :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

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It is. Some are thinner than others in the pack. This was one of the softer and thinner pieces.

I also used these settings on the pack of leather bracelets I got today from Michaels and it cut nicely. I was having a hard time engraving using the material setting of thick leather so I changed it to unknown with the settings above to just cut shapes through it instead. Thanks!

Very interested in your scrap pack that you may have for sale one day soon. “Sam”

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Amazing and thanks for the settings. I’m a newbie and love your engraving, would. you mine sharing your engraving settings for the same leather?

Thank you again for sharing your cut settings above. “Sam” :grinning:

Is this veg tanned leather?