Leather stamp identification

So this really doesn’t have anything to do with my gf. I saw this leather stamp in a tutorial video and really line it, but the instructor never says what it is called. Does anyone here know by chance. Ive looked all over Google using every possible search word I can think of.

For clarification, I’m looking of the rounded line stamp, not the circles. The stamp is one sided. This is Prince Armory’s Imperial Cuirass video if that helps at all.

Might be a half moon? Look at Weaver Leather or Tandy or other stores that have leather tooling supplies. eBay can be a great source at times, too!

Or send a message to the instructor or folks behind the video–maybe they can help!


I have looked at each of those places and can’t seem to find it. I could try contacting them, however he has said there will be a video in the future outlining this specific tooling. He’s gotten pretty busy and his videos have slowed down drastically (as far as coming out.). I’m sure he will share this eventually but I’m just being impatient.

I was curious, and looked on eBay, and wonder if it’s a vintage smooth “beveler” stamp something like this listing “Vtg Craftool Co #195 Leather stamping tool Large Smooth BEVELER Pre '64” (sorry, didn’t seem to have luck creating the direct link).

In the video it looked like the bead was formed from both sides as you’re kind of pushing the leather up to form the bead, and not done in a single step–unlike the Beveler he showed being used on the very edge of the leather that cuts… and just wasn’t clear if the tool in his hand did that–and if did, wasn’t enough of it showing anyway to figure it out.

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I believe it may be a rivet setting tool. 6-15mm Double-sided Rivet Mounting Installation Tools Leather DIY Punching Drill | eBay

Thanks for the help but thats not the part I was wondering about. I’m looking for the beveller that made the strip that the rivet setter is being used on.

My apologies, I do think that was made with a bead roller. Must be using a custom die.

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I just sent a message to their Facebook page to see if I can get some clarity. If nothing else, I’ll just have to be patient and wait for his video outline his tools for the project. I plan on running with a different scheme for my armor, but that’s the one stamp that’s the same that I want to incorporate.

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