Leather Stamp Made of Acrylic

So I wasn’t sure how this would turn out but I made a leather Stamp. I double cut the acrylic and then cut out a second acrylic circle and glued them together. I glued a solid steel rod to the end to make sure I didn’t loose as much power as possible. It was spent enough that it almost cut all the way through the 3/4oz veg tan leather. I had doubt but it’s possible. The stamp is about an inch wide.


Came out great!

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Thanks for sharing the results of your experimentation. I think this technique has some real possibilities.

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Love this. Do you own an Arbor press?

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Thanks Jimmy. I don’t own an Arbor press. Not going to lie, i had to look that one up :slight_smile:

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I am running out to Hobby lobby. When I get back I will post pictures of my modified Arbor Press. I had a local machine shop set it up to hold stamp handles.


I apologize this is a little bit late but here is my post about my arbor press.