Leather Tool Pouch Design

I have quite a few leather tools now, and it seemed only fitting that I make a tool bag/pouch for them. I thought this turned out well, so wanted to share the design in case anyone else would like to try to make one. You could use this for any smaller tool, ideally one that is around 4.5 inches/115mm in height or so (which is about the height of the tools I have in it). I am sure you could easily adapt it for other uses if you want to, feel free to modify the design as you see fit.

The design of this allows for about 20mm or so of “pucker” for room in the pocket, so you will notice that the pocket piece is a slightly larger size than the back piece.

I wanted it to have a bit of a rustic / utilitarian look so I decided to use the flesh side of the leather. So when you are cutting out the main (largest) piece, you can cut/engrave on the flesh (fuzzy) side up / grain side down.

To make this design you will also need to use rivets. I used a mix of the nice copper kind (that really hold down well, for the pocket) and some of the lighter kind for the strap which I think are a bit more decorative and don’t hold as well, but are fine for the strap. I also used a tiny bit of glue on the bottom part of the pocket, to help keep the leather from overlapping where the buttons are (which are intentionally recessed).

I hope the pictures are self explanatory on how it goes together, but if you have questions please reply and I’ll try to answer. My general approach:

  1. Laser cut the design. First cut: Main / Large piece flesh side up with engraving.
  2. After that, cut the pocket and straps grain (smooth) side up. Optional: Add your own engraving or stamping.
  3. Rivet the left side of the pocket. Then rivet the right side. Allow the leather to “pucker up” in the center, and put the final rivet in.
  4. Apply some glue to hold the bottom of the leather pocket in place so it doesn’t cover the recess for the button.
  5. Set the buttons in on the bottom of the main piece.
  6. Rivet the straps together as pictured using the smaller/decorative rivets. Everything should snap together.
  7. Put your tools in- you’re done!

I have links below on everything that I used for this project. I also used a button/snap kit to keep everything together. I hope you enjoy it!

This was designed for a thicker/heavier leather (7-9oz), but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work on a lighter weight, though I’d use at least 4oz leather.

Leather: Amazon.com
Copper Rivets: Amazon.com
Rivet/Burr Setter: Amazon.com
Snap/Fastner kit: Amazon.com
Rivet Kit: Amazon.com
Leather Cement/Glue: Amazon.com

Design File (PDF):
LeatherToolPouch-SinglePocket-All.pdf (44.7 KB)


Nicely done. Thank you.


Very nice share - thank you!


That is sweet ! Thanks!


Very fitting, a pouch made of leather to hold leather worker tools. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing.


Turned out great


This turned out very nice. Thanks for the share!


Oh, thank you! There are not many leather designs that have been shared here. This looks like a good one!


Nice share! Thanks for the detailed write-up too!


Thanks… Yeah, I was thinking it would be good to get some more designs in here for leather! I may have a few other things that are easier starter projects, like key chain templates that I will share soon also. I think the key chains are a great way to get started. I was a little intimidated by stitching, but once I found a few YT tutorials on saddle stitching, it made a lot of sense.

I also happened to just read the December update and noticed Dan was also experimenting with leather… lol! I saw a recent announcement with Springfield Leather (whom I think makes some fantastic leather) and a Glowforge Partnership so I’m guessing there will be more to come. I’ve never been to happy with the Proofgrade selection from GF so hopefully the Springfield Leather partnership will help with that as well. I really do think the Glowforge is such a GREAT tool for leather work and I hope many others will be encouraged to experiment.


That turned out awesome! I don’t have any leather tools anymore because I gave them all to a friend years ago, but I am sure I can use it for other stuff. Very generous of you to share, and thank you for the instructions.


Looks awesome!


Very nice tool pouch. Are you going to decorate it with your tools? I’d love to see the finished piece.


Yes, I am planning on doing some stamping… Currently waiting on a few more tools. I am definitely a “noob” when it comes to stamping though, but if it turns out well I’ll be sure to update with a picture! :slight_smile: