Leather tools/accessories roundup

Copper rivets are pricey vs standard tubular “Rapid” rivets but they’re much stronger, non rusting and very pretty. A properly set copper rivet will outlast the leather. You could also go nuts with even stronger brass rivets but they are more difficult to set well.

You can read more about the why’s here:


Thanks! In cases where I may need silver-colored or brass…what brands do you recommend or are Tandy’s all good?

Hey Henry,

have you posted pics of your leather engraving? turns out i have a connection to horse people. well now that I just think about it some more, I realize I have a connection to all sorts of horse people. LOL


Horse people?


(the white paper is so you can see the black leather on the blackness of the grid)

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I will have to show your reply to my wife. I have told her about the great comedy we have around here.


At any rate I’m referring more to people that ride horses in competition.



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Super important if you are going to try and punch through the leather (like I tried to make another belt hole in the stirrup for my short wife) I didn’t realize this was not solid leather and in fact has nylon webbing in the interior, which doesn’t cut for beans with the laser (basically melted into an ugly mess - which just got me yelled at)

Been to that rodeo… getting yelled at for “fixing” something. :slight_smile:
notice how I got that horse activity reference in there. it is a gift I tell ya.

Thanks so much for that heads up though.

had you considered engraving plates and using rivet to fasten them on? I recall you mentioned engraving in the beginning to have all of your horse’s Tack identified. Because aren’t you letting the stable people use her for classes?

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Are the pieces of the bag riveted inside? Curious, how it holds together. Have a picture you could post?

What size are you cutting in the leather to sew? what is the diameter? Thanks!