Leather types

Is there any type of leather I sound not use in the glowforge that would produce toxic fumes from the tanning process?

This forum has a lot of great topics about leather already. If you search the forum for “leather source” for example, you’ll find a lot. That being said, veg tanned is typically the best. Chromium tanned will create worse fumes, but as I understand it, you can still use this as long as your ventilation is well set up.

The biggest thing to look out for is fake leather-many fake leathers or faux leathers have PVC which is toxic and will also destroy your machine.


Thank you sorry still new to the site still learning the ins and outs

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That’s fine! It’s a good forum, which means that there’s a wealth of help both in the search and by creating new posts! Usually start with a search, then post something if you have more or different questions. And always post what you make!:+1:

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