Leather working question: What's this material?

So I have this super cheap af wrist band that can be used for a watch that was given to me by someone a while ago. Everything about this is cheap (as is the person who gave it to me) BUT with my leatherwork recently I’m thinking about attempting to ether recreate it or copy it but better.

Only question is what is this weird material on the underside?

It’s not satin, but it seems to be a thin layer for the fake leather backing not to rub the wrists of the wearer. I have some 1-2 mm satin I could use as a backing but I’m not sure if that would make a big deal or not and definitely want to make sure it’s not too thick of a strap, even with skiving. Any ideas or input is appreciated!

If you’re looking for a real leather material it would be 2-3oz pigskin suede split.
If you can deal with faux then Ultrasuede from any fabric store.


I’ll have to look and see if I can find any at joann’s! Thanks!

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Tandy carries soft pigskin splits in store all the time. They usually have some veg-tan too.


Closest Tandy to me is in my old stomping grounds in Central Pa. I’ll have to hit them up next time I go, I’m not quite comfortable enough to buy that stuff online just yet, I’m a gotta see and feel it to make sure it’s what I want.

I did find some very soft ultra suade from Joann’s “Fire ember” ironically it was a gray but the softest one there.


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