Leather Writing Pen

Hello everyone, I have a coustomer that specificly ordered a leather pen that they want me to engrave on, but i cannot find any setting suggestions on these types of pens… Has anyone played around with these types of pens that can help me

Thanks in advance!!!

Are you talking about a pen made from leather or a pen that marks onto leather? Do you have a link to the product?

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Are you sure the pen is actual leather as opposed to an item such as this? https://www.jpplus.com/saddle-collection-silver-stationary-pen

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Yes that is the actual pen!! Would you happen to know the settings to engrave his name in it?

Conveniently they sell that leather in sheets, and others here have used it (I searched for saddle collection)


There are various settings that have been used for products like this. However, you must make sure you know how to center the name, set the focus and you may even have to remove the honeycomb tray if the pen is taller than 1/2". These pens are less than $2.50 so you might consider getting a couple to practice on unless you are an experienced user.


On the jpp product page they also have suggested settings under the downloads section. Might not be perfect but a good starting point.

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ok awesome guys i have acouple extra im going to practice on!! i did go to the jpp page and hopefully got a starting point!! Yall are so awesome thank yall very much!!

There are also setting in the forum for the Saddle Collection. Search in the Beyond the Manual section.

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