Leatherman Engraving

Here are some pics of my leatherman surge I just engrave a design on it. Basically what it did was remove the black and exposed the metal but came out super nice. image|666x500


Yup, that’s exactly what it does. That looks beautiful, and now you can easily identify yours when it’s around others!

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Lovely job on that!

Nice look!

do you happen to remember what settings you used to get such a clean removal of the black?

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The original poster has not been active here in the forum lately, so you may not get an answer. You can, however, use the search function for all sorts of information regarding engraving painted metal. By the way, we can only discuss settings of non Proofgrade material in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum.

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Hi there I can check back the file and let you know I don’t remember.

Hi Im here

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Glad to see you!!